Siren Poetry

"Passion's voice lies on the tongue, but the lips are Passion's siren."

Original poetry by Autumn Echo.

I tried to write a poem about you

I tried to write a poem about you.
I mean, I tore open my chest like my chest was the ground,
and the answer was some kind of buried treasure.
I tried to find the words, like the words were oxygen
and I was, I was gasping for breath.
I searched for them, like the words were the light,
and I was just stumbling through the darkness.
But I found
I tried to write a poem about you
I would lie my head on my pillow,
I would treat the halo of my hair like the seams of a dream catcher
I would treat my words like dreams
and I would beckon the night.
I tried to write a poem about you.
I tried too hard.
I ripped pieces of my mind away, rearrange and assemble
them like they were words clipped from a newspaper
and if…if I could just find the right angle, maybe I could find the words.
But I couldn’t.
I thought it was my fault.
I convinced myself that wells run dry
it was just a drought
I was so thirsty for something that would say how I feel about you.
Then I realized
that you can’t find the words for
feelings that aren’t there.

This is the day I stopped blaming myself for feeling empty.
I taught myself to except that
even in a world full of inspiration
and beautiful souls that are the sparks,
your mind is an ember.
I have watched an ember glow.
Things will force the light out of it.
Things will flicker,
but not everything will force a flame.
In the end,
you were just there.
We might have been sitting around our fire, just watching it go out.
We might have always been gasping for air
and stumbling through the night
but I never noticed.

I will never make that mistake again.
I made this decision, I promised myself
I would never go through my life
without a glowing mind
without something to say
without love that sparks
and things that move me.
That’s it. I crave that which moves me
and maybe you never did.

I tried to write a poem about you.
But I shouldn’t have to try.


I am a traveler, taught from youth onward that the safest thing you could ever do was never take a chance. That way you never get lost, and you never get broken. But I am a traveler, and there is so much lost to me that I long to discover.

—Autumn Echo