Open wounds; choose them over you.

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Red Knees

There is collision.

Then there is us.

There is exertion.

Then there is us.

There is perfection,

but we challenge all that.

With heavy breathing,

let’s redefine the meaning

of everything we think we know

about love.

I have tasted enough of you

to know that it is worth 

every savage clamor for your mouth.

My hips heave, a restlessness

born of this untamed provocation.

To be honest,

I really love the look of 

red knees.


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Your eyes and smile
Made me melt
Like an ice cube
In flames never felt
The way you bite your fingers
Sends shudders down my spine
If only you were mine
We could be lost
In another time
A sirens song
Would entrance me
And keep my heart
For everlong

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Her name alone,
makes me shudder internally,
the thought that a season
of red, orange and brown,
could bring such beauty
as leaves fall upon the ground,
leaves me speechless,
for I am just a man,
frozen in eternal winter,
the season of black and blue,
and it’s true,
that my heart could be frozen too.

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Do you think that having the same colored eyes has anything to do with the way that you and I see the world in the exact same way?

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