Your eyes and smile
Made me melt
Like an ice cube
In flames never felt
The way you bite your fingers
Sends shudders down my spine
If only you were mine
We could be lost
In another time
A sirens song
Would entrance me
And keep my heart
For everlong

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Her name alone,
makes me shudder internally,
the thought that a season
of red, orange and brown,
could bring such beauty
as leaves fall upon the ground,
leaves me speechless,
for I am just a man,
frozen in eternal winter,
the season of black and blue,
and it’s true,
that my heart could be frozen too.

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Do you think that having the same colored eyes has anything to do with the way that you and I see the world in the exact same way?

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Come Love Me


I watch you walk away from me;

immediately I long for the feelings you leave with,

the tender strokes in every place that I can but long to grace

with so much care,

an eruption of emotion broken from the lustrous ends 

of your defectless fingertips.

While you are gone, I close my eyes.

I open my mind to fantasies of fortune cookie love;

the kind where you open me up

just to see what is inside of me.

My unsure hands find the edges of my body 

with demure, hoping to brush up pieces of you

left behind so I can taste them once again.

These are my lips. If I caress them, perhaps I will still feel you there.

I find my neck, and trace circles around the spots 

where your hungry mouth found my flavor is tempting.

I revisit every fragment that you have already found

and divined your own.

I move slow like you. I move soft like you.

Still, I will never love myself like you do, so

come love me.


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